Bizrupt is a non-profit organization founded in 2017, based in Crete.

Our vision is to create a strong ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Greek region, with the aim of continuous and sustainable development for a better future.

Our mission is to help young entrepreneurs create and grow new healthy businesses, starting from the Greek province. In the entrepreneurship programs we design and implement, every idea is welcome. Each program is separate and adapted to the needs of a traditional business or an innovative startup, as well as a spin-off or spin-out of a research institution.

Our goal is to inspire, inform, educate and support every person, regardless of their gender and educational background, so that they can shape their idea, validate it and take it to the market!

Action pillars

Bizrupt’s programs and events are designed and implemented based on three action pillars, in accordance with the organization’s goals:

  • Inspiration and information about innovation and entrepreneurship
    Events, workshops and webinars that aim to inform a niche audience each time, about current business issues, successful case studies, new startup businesses, financing, but also the burning issue of demystifying failure. In this context, we carry out several actions in collaboration with Universities, as well as entrepreneurship support bodies at a national level. Two of the recurring events organized by Bizrupt are Open Coffee Heraklion (since 2017) and Fuckup Nights Heraklion.
  • Education, support and networking
    The young and potential entrepreneurs of the Greek province, in addition to inspiration, need training and support to take their idea to the next level. We design and implement entrepreneurship programs which include training in business issues, while a support stage follows through mentoring. We have created a network of mentors, who are distinguished business executives and have the ability to help the ideas of young entrepreneurs get out and grow in the market. There are currently three active entrepreneurship programs at Bizrupt:

    • Foundit, aimed at residents of Crete and the Dodecanese Islands between 18-35 years old, unemployed or part-time workers, who want to set up their own business or need support in the business they have started in the last 12 months. This is the global entrepreneurship program of Prince’s Trust International Prince’s Trust International, which is implemented in collaboration with 100mentors.

  • Commercial utilization of research results
    The commercialization of research results (research commercialization) is the process through which research results develop into marketable products/services and can benefit the members of a society. At Bizrupt, great emphasis is given on transfer of technology from research to the market, through actions to strengthen the business culture and skills of the research community, such as the implementation of the MITOS program for young researchers of the University of Crete.

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The team of Bizrupt

Bizrupt started in 2017 as an independent volunteer group that organised the Open Coffee Heraklion meetups and later the events of Fuckup Nights Heraklion. Very soon, through the feedback we received by the participants in the events, we realized that the creation of an organization, which will aim to strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship and help practically every idea to find its way to the market, was imperative for our audience. Thus, the non-profit organization became a reality. In 2021 we participated in the Higgs accelerator, which shaped the form our team has today.


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