Terms of Use

1. Introduction

1.1. Bizrupt, hereinafter referred to as the “Organization”, is a service delivery website based in Heraklion, Crete.

1.2. The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the Organization’s website, which is located at www.bizrupt.gr, hereinafter the “Website”, as well as the services provided by the Organization in person.

1.3. The users of the Website and/or its visitors will be referred to hereafter as “Users”, regardless of whether they make a final registration with the Services of the Organization.

1.4. By using the website or the services provided by the Organization, the Users indicate their full acceptance of the terms and conditions that the Organization has set or will set in the future.

1.5. Please read the terms of use carefully before using the website.

1.6. Only those with full legal capacity are entitled to use the Website.

1.7. The User who wishes to use the services provided must declare their true, complete and valid personal information and ensure that this information remains accurate and complete at all times.

1.8. The Organization has the right to modify without notice the Terms of Use. The User must check the Terms of Use periodically for any changes.

2. General Terms of Use

2.1. If the User does not comply with these Terms of Use and/or with the current national and European legislation when using the Website, they agree that the Organization may immediately deactivate or delete their account and/or all relevant information and files that linked to their account and/or prohibit any further access to such information and/or files or the Website.

2.2. They also agree that the Organization shall not be liable to them or to any third party for the interruption or cancellation of their access to the Website or its parts.

2.3. Only the employees and partners of the Organization who carry out work for the smooth operation of the Website have access to the data of the Website.

2.4. By using the Organization’s services, the User accepts as part of the contractual relationship between the parties, that the Organization may communicate with the User, through the contact information entered on the Website in the relevant field of the footer to receive updates about the Organization’s action. The same terms apply to pages in subdomains of the Website. If at any time the User no longer wishes to receive relevant notifications, they can unsubscribe from the updates through the relevant unsubscribe link in every email sent by the Organization.

3. Use of Material – Limitations

3.1. Unless otherwise provided, the Organization grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access, use and display the Website and the materials provided on it for personal, non-commercial use, provided that the User agrees to these Terms.

3.2. The use of the Organization’s Services does not give the User ownership of any intellectual property rights regarding the Organization’s Services or the content accessed.

3.3. The Website may contain links to other websites. The Organization does not control the availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality and completeness of the services of other websites, to which it refers through links, hyperlinks or electronic advertising signs (banners) and is not responsible for any of that. The Organization should in no way be considered to endorse or accept the content or services of the websites and pages to which it refers or to be linked to them in any other way.

3.4. The Organization does not guarantee and is not responsible for the content and operation of links available through it or to which it refers. Therefore, the Organization is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of websites of third parties. These links are used at the sole responsibility of the User and access to these websites and their use are subject to the terms they have specified. Therefore, for any question and/or problem that may arise during the visit/use, the User must contact the respective websites and pages directly, which bear the relevant responsibility for the provision of their services.

3.5. This license does not permit:

  • Use of the content found on the Website for commercial purposes.
  • Modify or reverse engineer any component of the Organization.
  • Unauthorized copying or extracting of information from the Organization and distribution of separate such information.
  • Use of any of the Organization’s marks, logos or designs.

4. Privacy Policy

The Organization is committed to protecting the privacy and security of the User. For more information, please read the Organization’s Privacy Policy.

What is personal data?

Your personal data includes any information on paper or electronic media that can lead, either directly or in combination with other data, to your identification as a natural person. This category includes, as the case may be, information such as name, physical and electronic addresses, landline and mobile telephone numbers, email addresses, identifiers of equipment or terminal devices, computer, smartphone, tablet, internet search history, and any other information that allows your unique identification according to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679), law 4624/2019, the Greek legislation in force at any given time as well as the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority (PDPA).

Minimize, store and delete data

The Organization always asks the User for the minimum required personal data, for its navigation.

The Organization keeps the User’s personal data only for as long as is required by the contractual conditions, in combination with the period required, according to the current legislation.

Contact the website

Communication with the Website is done by sending an email to the address: info@bizrupt.gr

Access to the messages that the Organization receives through a communication form is only available to authorized employees of the Organization in the context of their duties, who are contractually bound by confidentiality clauses and by a regulatory obligation to maintain confidentiality and protect the privacy of communications.

The Organization does not forward messages it receives to third parties without the explicit consent of the sender.

Exceptions are the cases in which forwarding to third parties or non-deletion of electronic messages received is necessary to comply with obligations arising from the law or to establish, exercise or support legal claims and always in accordance with the Regulations of the Security Authority of Privacy of Communications.

5. Rules of Conduct and Community Terms

5.1. The User of the Website and the services provided is solely responsible for the correctness, accuracy and truth of the information they enter on the Website. The Organization has no obligation, nor responsibility, nor ability to check the correctness of the information entered by the User on the Website.

5.2. The Organization reserves the right to remove access to parts or the entire Website and/or to take any other appropriate and legal measure to implement these terms, if it becomes aware of any violation.

5.3. The User is obliged not to use the Website to carry out actions that may result in criminal prosecution or the initiation of any civil or administrative proceedings against the Organization as well as actions that could infringe any right or other legal interest of the Organization or a third party.

5.4. In the event that any third party takes legal action against the Organization for an infringement of any of its legal property, which falls under the terms of the User’s scope of responsibility, the Organization reserves the right to appeal to the User.

6. Limitation of Liability

6.1. The use of the Website is at the User’s risk. The Organization makes every effort for the proper functioning of the Website and for the accuracy of the content included therein. However, it bears no responsibility for any kind of damage that may be caused in relation to the information, services, content contained on the Website or retrieved through it. Services offered through external links (hyperlinks) are used exclusively to serve website visitors.

6.2. The User understands and accepts that the Organization shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, potential or consequential damages, including but not limited to lost profits, goodwill, data damage or other damages (even if it has informed about the relative possibility of the occurrence of the damage), arises or stems from (a) the use or inability to use the Website, (b) the use of any material posted on the Website or on a website or websites, to which it refers via hyperlinks, (c) behavior of third parties on the Website or (d) any other event related to the Website and the services provided by the Organization.

6.3. The Organization shall not be liable for any breach of these terms and conditions in cases of any fortuitous or force majeure event.

6.4. The Organization reserves the right to unilaterally suspend the validity of all services provided and to cease the provision of any service.

6.5. The Organization may modify or renew these terms of use at any time.

6.6. The Organization may provide access to a social media group in conjunction with the core services it offers. The Organization is under no obligation to provide a social media group and has the option at any time to discontinue the specific provision which is not part of the services provided.

By accepting these terms, the User agrees that the use of the Organization’s social media is an additional privilege and that the Organization may limit or deny access to these platforms for, among other things, inappropriate behavior including, but not limited to, inappropriate, rude, violent or threatening behavior.

In any case, the content uploaded by the User on the Website, on the social media (groups / pages) of the Organization or in communication with the employees of the Organization is prohibited:

  • To be unlawful, abusive, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, libelous, harassing, harmful to minors or express ethnic, racial or other discrimination;
  • To infringe any third party’s intellectual or other proprietary rights, including trademarks and secrets as well as patents;
  • To include any virus, harmful software or code (malware), unsolicited advertising material (pop-up) and unsolicited bulk mail (spam) that can cause either temporary or permanent damage/malfunction to any equipment (hardware and software) computer and electronic devices in general or delays, interferences and interruptions in the operations of the servers or any telecommunications network,
  • To contain a false statement regarding the user’s identity or impersonation of any person (natural or legal).

6.7. This Website may contain certain historical information. Historical information is not necessarily up-to-date and is provided for reference only.

7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use are governed by the Greek law. The User agrees that any legal dispute arising from the present or the use of the Website is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Heraklion, Crete.

8. Intellectual Property

The entire content of this Website (information, texts, news, graphics, photos, courses, etc.), its design, metadata and any service provided through it, is the subject of intellectual property of its creators and is protected by the national and international Intellectual Property law. It is expressly prohibited to copy, reproduce, republish, sell, transmit, distribute, publish, translate, modify in any way, in part or in summary, any text or document contained in this Website.

The material included on this Website may be used solely for personal use.

9. User Intellectual Property Rights

The Organization does not claim any copyright in the material that the User shares with it. The User retains the copyright and any other rights it holds in any content they submit through the Website or the Services provided.

By posting material on the Organization’s Website, the User grants a worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable license to use the material for promotional, business development and marketing purposes.

User consents to recordings of webinars provided as part of the Service. Before each seminar, the Organization obtains explicit consent for this, which the User can freely revoke. The User consents to their name, words, voice being used by the Organization for promotional, business development and marketing purposes. The Organization will make reasonable efforts to obtain the written permission of the User before using and distributing any printed material, audio or visual representations referring to the User in any particular case.

10. Other Terms

If any of the present is found to be illegal, invalid or for any reason unenforceable, then this provision will be considered void, without affecting the validity of the other terms. These Terms of Use constitute the agreement between the Organization and the User regarding the use of the Website. The Terms of Use can only be modified by posting them in this area of the Website.

Access to the Organization’s Services is valid for the lifetime of each Service and the Organization. If, for any reason, the Organization dissolves or ceases to exist, or decides not to provide the respective Service, then the User’s access to that Service is terminated.

We may transfer our rights and obligations under the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use in this case will develop their effects also for our possible successors, universal or special. The failure of either party to enforce these Terms and the other party’s compliance with the Terms of Use or to exercise any right under the Terms of Use shall not be deemed a waiver of that right. The right remains strong in any case.

Last update: October 12, 2022