Why is Fuckup Nights important?

The story of the Fuckup Nights movement begins with five friends in Mexico in 2012, who were tired of hearing only stories about the achievements of others. Not out of jealousy, but mainly out of indignation that the difficulties, failures and mistakes of each “journey to victory” were never heard.

From 2012 until today, fortunately, a lot has changed in the world, and from where we used to hear only the shiny success stories, now everyone is also talking about the mistakes and missteps that helped a career or a business become successful. The global movement of Fuckup Nights has helped in its own way in this change and will continue to do so even more strongly now that we have learned to share our real stories.

In Heraklion, we started FuckUp Nights in January 2018. In that first event, we needed support from the local community more than ever, because we introduced a new, quite intriguing concept that we didn’t know how the residents of Heraklion would receive. The first Fuckup Nights Heraklion took place at the headquarters of Cosmos Sport in Heraklion and we thank Michalis Tsiknakis for the trust, while the speakers were mainly our friends and partners who we convinced to set a good example for the public of the city. One of them was Frank Maounis, co-founder and then CEO of Papaki, who shared with us one of the best failure stories heard at the event to date (you can see it here).

The acceptance and embrace from the public came from the very first event. Four or so years later, we believe that Fuckup Nights events are still necessary for the society of Heraklion, but also of Crete in general. We still have a long way to go until we learn to embrace each failure, accept it, learn our lessons and move on. At Bizrupt, we are on a constant search for speakers, people who are not afraid to share their failure story with the audience in 7 minutes, people who want the audience to identify with them, to realize that we all make mistakes -sometimes really big ones- but we never let them get in the way of our goals and dreams.